Our campus in ten years

The Konstanz campus will be expanded on the western side. The basis for this construction is the current development plan as well as part 1 and part 2 of the corresponding master plan.

Drawn map of university campus. Numbers are drawn on the buildings in various places. The numbers represent the different construction projects. The construction projects are described in the legend.

The new buildings will provide urgently needed space for research and teaching and thus ease current shortages. The goal of these construction measures is not to increase the number of students, but to improve the conditions at our university. Video "Bauliche Entwicklung 2000 bis 2030" (in German, "Building development 2000 to 2030") starts after clicking into the picture.

Which construction projects are next? The following overview shows where construction at the university will take place in coming years.

2022 to 2024

University bus stops

Area for central street access and new bus stop

Construction in the area for central street access to the campus began in the summer of 2022 (bus loop between the buildings W, R, V and A). This work will provide the required infrastructure for the planned constructions.

The new central bus stop on campus, next to building W, has been completed. The buses of routes 9 and 11 stop there. The new ring road, too, running north from Universitätsstraße between buildings W and N to Eggerhaldestraße, has been completed.

Preparation work starting 05/2022

Construction start: 07/2022

Construction finish: 12/2024


Picture of the FabLab
Image: Frank Nachtwey


Our FabLab is an open space for creative work and for implementing your own project ideas.

Construction start: 06/2022

Construction finish: 10/2022

Until 2024

In front of building A, building materials are lying inside a construction fence.
Bild: Frank Nachtwey

Renovation of building A

The current renovation of building A (central foyer and lecture halls) will finish in 2024.

Construction started: 04/2021

Construction finish: 09/2024

2022 to 2027

Picture of the construction site of the X building
Image: Frank Nachtwey

New building X (lecture halls, seminar rooms, offices)

The new building X, on the western side of building V, will be finished by 2027. The building will provide alternative space for classrooms and research while buildings C, D and E are undergoing much-needed renovations.

Building X will include a large lecture hall with 400 seats, three large seminar rooms with 100 seats each, 36 seminar rooms with 30 to 50 seats, as well as 140 study spaces for students. In addition to this, there will be offices for 190 staff members, a cafeteria with space for 150 guests and an event hall with 400 seats. There will also be a new bike parking area in front of the building.

Construction start: 09/2022

Construction finish: 2027

2024 until end of 2025

Photovoltaic systems on the roofs of the university

Expansion of photovoltaic systems on the university roofs
The University of Konstanz will significantly expand the photovoltaic (PV) systems on its roofs.

In 2018, eight roofs at the university were equipped with PV systems (1,216 modules on around 2,000 square metres). Now, another 20 roofs (around 14,000 square metres) will be added so that PV will be installed on nearly all roofs.

All of the electricity generated is fed into the university's grid and consumed there.

Construction start: 2024

Construction finish: end of 2025

2025 to 2029

Concept image for the WA building
Entrance perspective of the new building. Copyright: CODE UNIQUE Architekten GmbH

Forum Konstanz (building WA)

The Forum Konstanz, a centre for research and society, mirrors our overall strategy "University of Konstanz – creative.together" in the context of the German Excellence Strategy. The Forum, our new gateway to the university, will be located next to building W. It will provide a place where people and ideas come together, thus fostering creativity and exchange.

Further information is available on the "Forum Konstanz" website: uni.kn/en/forum-konstanz

Construction start: 05/2025

Construction finish: 01/2029

2025 to 2028

Research building R3C (building WB)

The planned R3C building will house the Research Centre on Conflict and Cohesion focussing on questions involving social and political conflicts.

Construction start: 2025

Construction finish: 2028

2025 to 2028

Construction of the new Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior

The Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior is moving to the University of Konstanz campus. The new building will be constructed by 2028 on the current car park "P-Nord".

Construction start: 2025

Construction finish: 2028

2024 to 2027

Heating the university with lake heat
From 2027, large heat pumps are expected to enable the University of Konstanz to cover more than two thirds of its heating requirements with lake heat from Lake Constance water. The large heat pumps will be installed underground on the campus grounds; the area above them will be used for bicycle parking spaces. Commissioning of the heat pumps is planned for 2027.

Construction start: 2024

Construction finish: 2027

Until 2028

Renovation of building M

The current renovation of building M will be finished by 2028.


Campus plaza

Our new centre of campus life, a campus plaza closed to motor vehicles, is taking shape in the central entrance area of the University of Konstanz (former bus loop, area between buildings W, R, V, X and A).

Projected construction start in 2030

New research buildings

Additional space for research, learning and administration is planned for construction on the northern and southwestern side of campus, on the current car parks "P-Nord" and "P-Süd".