Poster consisting of people forming the outline of the Federal Republic of Germany with the text "We are part of the Deutschlandstipendium" in the centre.
We are part of the Deutschlandstipendium.


Funding for talented and community-engaged students in need of financial support

Konstanz scholarship fund

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) has awarded the "Deutschlandstipendium" (Germany scholarship) since April 2011. Its goal is to establish a new scholarship culture. Usually, it intends to award yearly scholarships in the amount of 3,600 euros, half of which will be funded by the federal republic and the other half by private donors. The University of Konstanz has taken part in the programme since 2011/2012 and offers the Deutschlandstipendium to its students.

The Deutschlandstipendium has been integrated at the university into the Konstanzer Stipendienfonds (Konstanz scholarship fund). This fund is comprised of donations from businesses, foundations and other organisations as well as private individuals.

Who receives funding?

Students studying all subjects and enrolled in all undergraduate and graduate study programmes including Bachelor of Arts/Education/Science, Master of Arts/Education/Science and first state examination in law. However, doctoral students, visiting students and non-degree seeking students are not candidates for funding. Citizenship does not play a role. The condition is that you are within the standard period of study of the respective degree programme from the possible start of funding. This scholarship is awarded first and foremost based on accomplishment and ability. In addition to the academic performance to date and the personal career track of the students, community involvement and special personal or family circumstances, such as overcoming personal educational obstacles, are taken into account.

If you are already receiving BAFöG (federal student aid), you are still eligible to apply for the Deutschlandstipendium. However, if you already receive gifted- or academic performance-related financial support that amounts to more than an average of 30 euros per month and per semester, you are not eligible for the Deutschlandstipendium. If you prefer the Deutschlandstipendium, then you would have to forfeit the other financial support.

How does the funding work?

Students who are awarded the Deutschlandstipendium receive 300 euros per month. It is awarded for at least two semesters, and usually not longer than the standard period of study in the respective study programme. The scholarship is awarded to students who successfully participate in a multi-stage application and selection process at the University of Konstanz. This process takes place during every winter semester. You can find the number of scholarships the University of Konstanz will award every year in the call for applications.

How and where do I apply?

The University of Konstanz awards the scholarships after a multi-stage application and selection process. This process is based on the provisions of the scholarship programme statute as well as the scholarship programme regulations of the federal republic and the selection criteria stated in our award guidelines. The deadline for the online application begins on 1 September and ends on 31 October every year (cut-off date). More information on this topic is published on this website.

For answers to specific questions, please consult our FAQ section.