Target-oriented data monitoring

The university’s strategic management depends upon efficient reporting

The staff unit Controlling coordinates the University of Konstanz’s data-based reporting. Besides processing and analysing data and performance indicators for internal and external use, we are also responsible for ensuring the quality of this data.

Internal reporting

At the Controlling unit, we support university institutions and staff who are involved in decision-making, controlling or management processes in various ways. We provide important data and performance indicators via the Controlling Data Portal and support internal monitoring and reporting activities through a number of ad hoc evaluations as well as expert advice. At the same time, we supply the Rectorate, the University Council as well as the departments and faculties with strategic performance indicators (monitoring reports, the Rector’s annual report, the University of Konstanz in numbers). All of this significantly strengthens the university’s accountability and strategic management on all levels.

External reporting

At the staff unit Controlling, we coordinate, and in certain areas implement, the University of Konstanz’s external reporting obligations across all organisational units. This includes providing relevant information to numerous national and international ranking institutions as well as providing consolidated data to the cross-university database maintained by the Ministry for Science, Research and the Arts Baden-Württemberg. The staff unit Controlling also reports to the German Council of Science and Humanities and the German Research Foundation (DFG) in the context of the German Excellence Initiative.

Data management

Increasing demand for information and reporting necessitates the implementation of complex data management processes within our operative systems. New reporting requirements regularly impact the basic administrative processes governing the work of the university’s individual organisational units. As an important instigator, we work with the various organisational units to optimise data management and quality assurance processes and support the university’s efforts to devise and implement a rigorous core data management. These efforts are crucial in that all evaluations and reports used in both the university’s internal and external reporting are based on data extracted from various databases and are collated and processed in the university’s central data warehouse.