About the Centre for Transferable Skills

The Centre for Transferable Skills constitutes a central, interdisciplinary university institution. We coordinate various courses and events on “interdisciplinary professional qualifications” and, to that end, recruit (mostly external) experts from industry and businesses to teach our students practice-oriented and professionally relevant skills.

On the whole, our courses and events have been designed for bachelor’s students who are required by the examination regulations to obtain certain key competencies as part of their study programme.

Our mission statement

It is our aim to prepare students for the challenges that they will face during their studies and in their careers, to teach specific professional skills and provide broad insights into various occupational fields.

Semester and annual reports

Gaining transferable skills is a dynamic process which we believe should take into account the varied and changing requirements of university study and the professional world.

Content and learning formats tend to be incredibly varied and subject to change, which require continual adaptation of both the subject matter and focus of our own events as well as university teaching as a whole.

The semester and annual reports record new developments and provide an overview of the registration and admission numbers for individual events, enabling us to assess their popularity.

You can access our semester and annual reports in the facts and figures section of the website.