Getting your writing done - together

"Shut Up and Write" and "Let's talk about texts" - writers don't have to be lonely.

Shut Up and Write - focussed writing groups for students

Whether it's your first seminar paper or your final thesis: Writing requires time, motivation and perseverance. The Writing Centre therefore offers all students at the university support in forming writing groups.

This is a group of writers who meet at regular intervals in a self-administered manner, write together and exchange ideas about writing. The aim is to work on one's own writing project in a focused way within a fixed framework.

The group takes responsibility for the meetings and each individual for their own writing project. Therefore, it is important to think about your own expectations, goals and possibilities beforehand and to find a consensus in the group.

The peer tutors of the Writing Centre support you in this process:

  • with the planning of the groups
  • with time management
  • with inputs on writing topics

There are one or two kick-off events at the end and beginning of the lecture free period, as well as the writing week, where you can find fellow writers.

Save the date for our next kick-offs:

18.07.2024 15:15-16:45

27.08.2024 11:30-13:00

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By the way: The doctoral students' conventions offer additional collaborative working times.

Writing Weeks in March and September

Use our writing week to get a move on!

Next Writing Week: 16-20 September in BS522 (library) or online.
We offer writing, reading, and work time each day, both face-to-face and online - no matter what you have to write. We work with the Pomodoro technique. That means: Set a concrete goal and concentrate on your work for 25 minutes. After a five-minute break, move on to the next round, and after three rounds, take a longer break - it's amazing what you can finnish in that time!

Whether you participate every day or only on three days: We look forward to meeting you.

For attending 3 days and handing in 6 exercises that you do during the event, you will receive 1 ECTS in Transferable Skills.

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Our schedule:

  • 09:00 start the day and set your goals
  • 09:20 three Pomodoro sessions
  • 10:50 coffee break
  • 11:15 three Pomodoro sessions
  • 12:45 lunch break
  • 14:00 short mobilization from the university sports department
  • 14:15 three Pomodoro sessions
  • 15:45 reflection and opportunity for consultation

Studierende bei der Gruppenarbeit
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More joint writing times

We regularly offer further writing events and workshops - for details on those, get our newsletter. Students can always access our writing tutoring service.

If you would like to start your own writing group, contact us via email - we are happy to help you get started.