Scholarship programme of the University Konstanz under the Landesgraduiertenförderungsgesetz LGFG (state law on funding for doctoral studies)

UPDATE 03.05.2024

Applications for an LGFG scholarship are possible online until Monday, June 10, 2024!

Please send the completed application form (see Application and FAQs) together with the other required documents to
The supervisors' reports can be sent directly from them to by Monday, June 17th.
L. Dilfer

What is LGFG?

The numbers so far - figures - facts:

The University of Konstanz’s scholarship programme complies with the regulations and requirements of the Landesgraduiertenförderungsgesetz LGFG (state law on graduate funding).

Under this law, provision is made in the state budget for the advancement of early career researchers and artists, enabling the University of Konstanz to award LGFG-funded scholarships and grants to highly qualified early career researchers and artists. Usually, there is one application round per year.

Doctoral researchers at the University of Konstanz intending to apply for a LGFG scholarship are bound by the requirements stated in the University of Konstanz’s regulations for awarding LGFG scholarships.

The basic scholarship amount is currently 1,365 euros plus a monthly lump sum of 40 euros to cover your material and travel expenses.

It is not possible to apply for additional material and travel grants.

Generally, scholarships are awarded for a period of three years. Shorter funding periods are also possible. In order to extend the scholarship for another consecutive year or two, you must submit an annual progress report and a positive recommendation by your supervisor or supervisors (if you have more than one) based on your report.

Application requirements for LGFG scholarships

Who can apply?

You can apply for a scholarship if you meet the following requirements :

  1. you hold an academic degree.
  2. you are exceptionally well-qualified.
  3. your doctoral project is expected to make an important contribution to the research in your field .
  4. you have been accepted as a doctoral candidate by the University of Konstanz.
  5. you receive academic supervision from the university.