Regulations for online exams

Which examination regulations permit online exams?

In order for online exams to take place, the examination regulations have to provide for this option as per §§ 32a Landeshochschulgesetz LHG (state law on higher education).

Almost all current examination regulations of the University of Konstanz provide for oral online exams, but please check your individual case.

Provisions for written online exams are currently being included in the university's examination regulations. Please check whether the respective study programme provides for written exams to be conducted online, and if so, in which form. We will provide an overview here soon.

Written exams conducted online

Students complete written exams conducted online within a limited time. Ungraded coursework in the form of online tests and take-home exams are legally permitted regardless of the provisions in the examination regulations. In order for off-campus online exams and/or on-campus online exams to take place, the examination regulations must provide for this option. You can find an overview of the provisions in our information on written online exams.

Oral exams conducted online

Oral exams generally take place in person. If oral exams or coursework are to be conducted by videoconferencing instead, either for all participants or for individual participants joining online, different rules apply depending on the type of exam. The rules are laid out in the examination regulations. Please see the following document for a quick overview: