Submitting accident reports

All students or doctoral candidates enrolled at the University of Konstanz are insured against accidents within the framework of statutory accident insurance during their education and training or activities which fall within the organisational area of responsibility of the University (§ 2 para. 1 no. 8c Siebtes Buch Sozialgesetzbuch (Volume VII of the social insurance code)).

The Accident Insurance Fund Baden-Wuerttemberg ("Unfallkasse Baden-Württemberg") will inform you on the details. It is responsible for services following an accident.

How do I report an accident?

After you have had an accident and visited with a physician, please submit an accident report [pdf] to the Seezeit Service Center. Please schedule a personal appointment for consultation regarding your accident.

Please note:

The attending physician will usually report the accident to the relevant accident insurance fund. The actual accident notice must be submitted by you in a timely fashion.

Insured activities include the following:

  • Attending courses and other university sponsored events
  • Enrolling and exmatriculating, including associated and necessary activities
  • Activities associated with internal student administration
  • Any proximate travel to and from the university
  • Participation in specific internships

Uninsured activities include the following:

  • Any studies or related work carried out at home
  • Private student trips
  • Review sessions offered by private individuals
  • Private activities on university property
  • Other private activities including eating, drinking, sleeping

Explanations to the questions in the accident report

Content requirements and information

Accident report [pdf]

No. 2 Please fill in the responsible institution (here: University of Konstanz).

No. 3 Please fill in the membership number of the University of Konstanz at the Accident Insurance Fund Baden-Wuerttemberg "Unfallkasse Baden-Württemberg" (here: 666 00000 1500 170).

No. 14 The description of the accident should contain detailed information on the accident and its detailed circumstances, e. g. where, how, why and under which circumstances the accident occurred. The following points in particular should be addressed in the description of the accident:

  • Exact place and time at which the accident occurred,
    e. g. in the corridor of the building with level, on the campus outdoor area, in the seminar room, in the sports hall.
  • Type of event,
    e. g. regular lecture, university sports competition, excursion, language course, laboratory work.
  • Circumstances that characterise the course of the accident,
    e. g. falling by bicycle, slipping on the floor, collision with other students, skirmish/disputes among students, tripping on stairs, injury by knife, acid burns.
  • Special conditions,
    e. g. slippery snow, damp soil or leaves, handling hazardous substances.

In the case of university sport accidents, the type of sport and the event (compulsory course according to the course catalogue, working group, required elective subject, university sport competition) must be specified.

The accident circumstances can be continued on a supplementary sheet.

No. 15 Examples: right forearm, left index finger, left foot and right head side.

No. 16 Examples: bruise, bone fracture, sprain, burns, lacerations, cuts.