The Habilitation is a post-doctoral qualification that testifies to a candidate’s particular ability to carry out research and teaching in a particular subject or field of study and is a prerequisite for being awarded authorisation to teach a particular subject or field of study at the university level. Academics holding a Habilitation may call themselves “Privatdozent” (m) or “Privatdozentin” (f) (lecturer). At the University of Konstanz, you can only obtain a Habilitation in a subject or field of study that is broadly represented there in both research and teaching.

Habilitation regulations

You can access and download the Habilitation regulations in PDF format (Adobe Acrobat Reader required).

University of Konstanz Habilitation Regulations H1.0 (German version)
(as of 18 September 2017; for Habilitation applications submitted before 19 September 2017, please note the transitional regulations stated in § 19 para. 2).

Habilitation regulations of the University of Konstanz H1.0 (German version)
(effective 10 October 2001, including the amendments from 13 March 2007 and 4 February 2010)