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Research priority "Molecular Principles of Life"

The research priority “Molecular Principles of Life” closely connects the departments of Chemistry and Biology and also involves the university’s Department of Computer and Information Sciences. The central goal is to explore how biological processes are controlled at the molecular and atomic levels: Which properties of biological macromolecules determine their function? How do epigenetic mechanisms regulate gene expression and influence the development and function of cells and organisms? And what mechanisms underlie ageing processes, the emergence and progression of disease or biological phenomena such as the “regulated cell death”?

To answer these and related questions, researchers at the University of Konstanz use state-of-the-art methods and approaches that enable the detailed analysis of the complex interplay between the basic building blocks of cells. For example, the scientists investigate how biological systems adapt to changing conditions at both the molecular and network levels, explore the reaction of biological systems to natural and synthetic molecules and develop new hybrid systems with tailored properties.

The research priority builds upon the success of the Collaborative Research Centre 969 “Chemical and Biological Principles of Cellular Proteostasis” and is closely tied to the Konstanz Research School “Chemical Biology” as well as the university’s Life Science study programme. An important new network research project within the research priority is the Collaborative Research Centre/Transregio 353 "Regulation of cell death decisions". Research infrastructure and expertise are provided by core facilities, such as the Bioimaging Centre, the Proteomics Centre and the Screening Centre. In addition to this, the Centre for Chemical Biology (CCB), a top-of-the-line research building, has laboratory space for transdisciplinary research involving working groups from the fields of chemistry and biology.

Key research institutions
Collaborative Research Centre/Transregio 353 "Regulation of cell death decisions"

"Molecular Principles of Life" involves the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):
– 03 „Good Health and Well-Being"