uniSport - Ball- und Breitensport

Academic Sports Service, University of Konstanz

The majority of the Academic Sports Service program is in completed courses in general popular sports. Many of the programs are designed so that you can learn a new sport from scratch (A-course for absolute beginners). If you already have some previous experience, you can choose between several additional levels (B, C, D) to continue to make progress in your favorite sport.

The numerous courses in our sports program range from A for aerobics to Z for Zumba. The major team sports include basketball, soccer and handball, rugby and volleyball also include less well-known games such as lacrosse, ultimate frisbee and underwater rugby.

Besides the numerous fitness trainings in- and outdoor, individual sports like fencing, athletics and swimming or the setback games badminton, tennis and table tennis to the train.

You are missing a sport that you have already practiced at home and would like to continue in Konstanz? Come to us and we will check if there is a possibility to offer a new in the field of mass sports.