Short informations for professors

University didactics for newly appointed professors

Individual offers: coaching and consulting

You can use our offer for individual coaching. Topics can be: Accompanying of change processes in teaching, challenges, stress and performance pressure.

If you, your AG or your department have ideas for teaching projects or structural redesign of teaching (e.g. examination or teaching formats), please contact us directly.

Lectures and workshops

We offer different formats for a wide range of teaching-related topics:

  • Impulse lectures in our series “Hochschuldidaktik über Mittag” (University didactics at lunchtime)
  • Various workshop formats

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Digitally enhanced teaching and instructional design

There are many ways to use new media in teaching. We will be happy to support you and advise you on didactic questions regarding the use of new media in teaching.

Activating methods

You will find activating methods sorted by event formats and phases for on-campus teaching

And activating methods and didactically useful online tools for online teaching.

Designing examinations

Tips on the effective design of exams, including information on digitally supported testing, can be found on this page (in German only)

Teaching in English

We offer workshops of topics in teaching and learning in higher education also in English.


Proof of teaching skills

The “Baden-Württemberg-Zertifikat für Hochschuldidaktik” (Baden-Württemberg certificate for university didactics) documents your teaching expertise. It is issued by the responsible state ministry.

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Read more yourself

In our Infopool in the Teaching toolbox you will find literature tips, web links and information material on various topics related to teaching and learning.

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Further questions?

For all didactic questions concerning teaching or questions about our services, please contact us:

Team ASD