Student engagement

1) Adtendo
Adtendo e.V. is a student-led association and a University of Konstanz group that offers free psychosocial advice to refugees in the Konstanz area. The organisation makes sure that refugees have access to local leisure opportunities and/or professional institutions. Students working for the organisation have the opportunity to gain practical experience and contribute their own ideas. This is also how an arts and crafts workshop for children and teenagers housed in shared refugee accommodation came into being. Working for Adtendo counts as a transferable skill. Further information is available at:

2) Student union (AStA)
AStA student union plans student mentorships for refugees and organises action days and events on the topic of “taking flight”. Further information is available at:

3) Balu und du
Nationwide mentoring project for primary school pupils. In Konstanz, especially refugee children are being accepted into the programme. Student mentors receive training at the University of Konstanz during key competencies seminars. Further information is available at:

4) Café Mondial
Our university student organization strives to facilitate encounters between citizens and university students in Konstanz. In addition to taking part in project weeks, we organize educational events on topics such as flight and migration, feminism, democracy, religious diversity and social inequality. We also actively support people who have fled their homeland to find sanctuary in Germany by organising meetings in shared refugee accommodations. Finally, we aim to provide information to refugees who are interested in university studies. Further information is available at: