Departmental Student Advisory Service and Examination Offices

All individuals in all departments and institutions who can advise current and future students

We can help you with all your questions about:

  • how your studies are structured
  • planning the upcoming semester
  • getting credit for coursework completed elsewhere (e.g. after transferring to the University of Konstanz)
  • taking the orientation test and intermediate examination as well as completing all in-course coursework and academic performance assessments and preparing for exams
  • and any other issue related to your field of study.

Our departmental examination offices will help you with specific questions about:

  • registration and deregistration from examinations
  • recording of exmanination results

If you are a student in the third or higher semester and would like to change your field of study:

You are required to meet with us for individual consultation before you can do so (§ 60 paragraph 2 No. 5 State Law on Higher Education). For documentation, please use the form on the upper right side under "Links and Downloads".

Law (First State Examination, B.A. minor subject, LL.M., Erasmus)

Department of Law

Departmental Student Advisory Service

Examination administration

Economics, Economics and Business Education, Financial Mathematics

Department of Economics

Departmental Student Advisory Service

Examination administration

Central Advice and Services

Homepages with contact information

e.g. Language Institut (SLI), International Office, Binational School of Education (BiSE), Central Student Advisory Service (ZSB) or Student Service Centre (SSZ) etc.