Job Application Café - Tips for elevating your CV

Mittwoch, 20. Dezember 2023
14 bis 15 Uhr


Veranstaltet von
Career Service, Universität Konstanz

Vortragende Person/Vortragende Personen:
Eva Maisel, Career Service, Universität Konstanz

Looking for a job can be quite lonely ... You sit alone in front of the PC, create documents, send them and hope for a positive answer. Are you longing for company? Or are you wondering how other job seekers are tackling their applications?

Join our Job Application Café and find out! Meet up with other job seekers, chat about your experiences and exchange ideas – supported by the Career Service.

The Job Application Café takes place every two weeks and you are free to join us regularly, occasionally, or only one time – just as it suits you best.

On December 20, we will talk about From good to great: Tips for elevating your CV

You do not need to register. Just click here on Wednesdays at 2 pm.

Upcoming dates and topics:

17 January - Unlocking opportunities: Tips and tricks for unsolicited applications
31 January - From shy to shine: Confident self-presentation for job interviews and job fairs
14 February - Making connections: Using LinkedIn for your job search