Getting around Konstanz

City buses

The city of Konstanz has an excellent public transportation network. Visit the Stadtwerke Konstanz (municipal services) websites for more information on bus connections, bus stops, public transportation schedules, bus tickets and prices. To reach the university campus, you can use bus lines 9A, 9B and 11 as well as line 4 via the bus stop in Konstanz-Egg.


  • You can reach Meersburg via the vehicle ferry in Konstanz-Staad.
  • You can travel to Friedrichshafen from the Konstanz harbour with the Catamaran.
  • You can ride the Bodensee-Schiffsbetriebe boats to reach a variety of other locations on Lake Constance.


The Konstanz ares has excellent infrastructure for cyclists.

Here you will find information about where you can hire bikes or buy used bicycles.

You can also search the Ebay want ads for used bicycles in the region.

Instead of buying bicycles, you also have the option to rent them from:


Taxi companies in Konstanz include, but are not limited to: