Driving licence and car

Is my driving licence transferable?

If you would like to drive a car during your stay in Germany, you will need a valid driving licence. All EU or EEA driving licences are valid in Germany for an unlimited time. International driving licences are also accepted in Germany. Driving licences (with a German translation) from non-European countries become invalid for Germany after half a year. You will then need to contact the Führerscheinstelle (driving licence office) for the Konstanz region to request a German driving licence. Depending on which country you are from, you may also have to take a written and/or practical driving exam. Since the conditions vary widely depending on your home country, contact us to find out whether you may use a driving licence from abroad in Germany and if your licence is transferable.

Please be sure to request a German driving licence as soon as possible, at least three months before your foreign driving licence becomes invalid for Germany.

Car registration

Depending on your personal situation, you may need to have your car registered in Germany. You will need to contact the Kraftfahrzeug-Zulassungsstelle (car registration office) for the Konstanz region to have your car registered.

Please bring along the following documents to register your car:

  • documentation of ownership - in Gemany, that would be the "Fahrzeugbrief", the "Zulassungsbescheinigung Teil II" or the "Betriebserlaubnis"
  • vehicle registration document - in Germany that is the "Fahrzeugschein" (Zulassungsbescheinigung Teil I)
  • your current licence plates, if the car is currently registered
  • valid documentation of an emissions inspection (for cars, delivery trucks, etc.)
  • valid documentation of a general inspection
  • confirmation of insurance coverage
  • a valid passport
  • authorisation for direct debit of car tax from a German account (form)
  • Cost: approx. 30 euros for registration plus 20-30 euros for a new licence plate + (if desired) an additional 15 euros for requesting a particular licence plate number
  • You will also need a valid residence permit.

More information and further links you will find on the EURAXESS Germany website.