Blick auf die J-Bibliothek der Universität Konstanz
Blick auf die J-Bibliothek der Universität Konstanz

Mission statement of the University of Konstanz


The University of Konstanz is a research-oriented reform university that accepts its responsibility to society by providing high-quality research and educational opportunities. It is committed to the basic idea behind a university, in that in order to generate scientific knowledge, close links between research and teaching have to be cultivated. Current and future social challenges are addressed through the university’s research and study programmes.

To help empower society to enlighten itself, the University of Konstanz advances the principle of independence in research and teaching. This principle incorporates the expectation that researchers reflect ethically on their methods as well as on the consequences of their research findings on human beings and their environment.

In keeping with these high standards, the university strives to ensure that its researchers and academics are provided the best possible conditions for internationally recognised top-level research. It aims to recruit highly qualified students, early career researchers and staff members, and to then support them in their personal and career development.

All university members are encouraged to actively participate in and promote research, studies, teaching and self-administration at the university. To ensure that relevant social and institutional processes continue to benefit the university and its members, the University of Konstanz implements and follows the principles of sustainability.

The institution

In order to achieve its aims, the University of Konstanz fosters a culture of creativity in both its research institutions and academic support services. Decision-making processes that facilitate the academic self-administration at the university are transparent and participatory and ensure that responsibilities are clearly defined. The university administration supports the researchers at the university in their research and teaching activities as well as in their self-administration.

Interdisciplinary collaboration is viewed as an essential precondition for top-level research and innovative teaching. The university promotes such interdisciplinarity to the best of its ability. For this purpose, the university is divided into departments and faculties, with the professorship being its fundamental operational unit. Our unique campus environment with its short distances combined with the university’s open door culture support this process. At the University of Konstanz, every hierarchy is justified by and maintained based on performance and functionality. True to its tradition as a reform university, its university bodies engage in continuous and open dialogue about how to further develop and enhance its structures and profile. Current research priorities that define the university's profile are:

  1. Human | Data | Society
  2. Collective Behaviour
  3. Cultural Dynamics and Social Transformation
  4. Molecular Principles of Life
  5. Inequality and Conflict

The University of Konstanz combines top-level research and teaching and introduces students to research early on in their studies. To study at the university means to engage in both knowledge transfer and personal development.

The university strives to provide an environment that promotes learning, working and living. It provides favourable and reliable working conditions in the Konstanz area.

Supporting junior researchers

Through its Konstanz Code of Practice for Researchers between Doctoral Studies and Professorship, the University of Konstanz has strongly committed itself to promoting early career researchers. The university supports their early independence and provides a working environment in which they can concentrate on advancing their scientific qualifications. An important objective for its institutions is the promotion of research talent.

Internationality and regional interconnection

The University of Konstanz supports the international collaborations of its researchers and other staff members as well as the international orientation of their teaching. When building and maintaining its partnerships and collaborations, the university follows the principles stated in its mission statement and adheres to German Basic Law (Grundgesetz) – especially scientific freedom and intellectual property.

The University of Konstanz collaborates closely with the city of Konstanz and the surrounding region and intends to act as an international bridge to other regions and nations.

Equal opportunity, family support and diversity

In accordance with its Code of Practice on Gender Equality, the University of Konstanz is committed to incorporating and ensuring equal opportunity and family friendliness in all of its institutions and decision-making processes. It supports the career development of women and working couples while helping to balance study and research with family life. It strives to identify, limit and remove discriminating barriers and provide a working environment and scientific culture that are free from prejudice and stereotypes. This is how the university ensures that all its members are appreciated – irrespective of gender, nationality, ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age, sexual orientation and identity.

Knowledge transfer and public dialogue

The University of Konstanz makes research results accessible to the general public. It is especially important for the university to create knowledge and understanding and then convey these to the public. To support and promote the participation of its members in public discussions and to provide free access to scientific information are also crucial aims.

Relations with alumni, friends and sponsors

In order to maintain and strengthen the bonds and communication channels between its alumni, friends and sponsors, the University of Konstanz continuously strives to continuously develop and advance lifelong relationships with them.