The DAAD Award honours extraordinary academic achievements as well as notable efforts by international students on behalf of society, the university and inter-cultural understanding. The University of Konstanz’s “Stiftung Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft” award.


DAAD award winners

DAAD award winner 2022: Vilson Karaj, Albania

Master Life Science

- voluntary lab work for COVID screening of the university

- supporting students in the project "Studis for Studis" (students with mental or chronical diseases)

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DAAD award winner 2021: Clovis Hugues Seumen Tiogang, Cameroon

PhD studies in Biological Sciences (cell biology)

- founder and head of the NGO "Nakupenda e.V" which promotes international development cooperation with Cameroon

- voluntary commitment in the Corona vaccination campaign of the Konstanz region

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DAAD award winner 2020: Sharan Gopalan, India

  • Master Sport Science
  • Supporting fellow students with their final theses
  • Voluntary engagement as soccer youth coach

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DAAD award winner 2019: Gökhan Ider, Turkey

Master Economics

  • tennis trainer TC Nikolai
  • English tutoring
  • Rotaract Ankara

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DAAD awardee 2018: Ziad Salem, Syria

- Master Computer and Information Science

- tutoring new master students

- voluntary work at an integration centre in Germany

DAAD award winner 2017: Kaja Gregorz, Slovenia

- Master Multilingualism
- voluntary volleyball trainer
- supporting the project "Multilingualism in schools and Kitas"

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DAAD award 2016: Anna Kenter, Usbekistan

- Doctoral Studies Psychology | Master Psychology | Master Speech and Language Processing
- voluntary work in blood and stem cell donation; support of an organ in a church community

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DAAD awardee 2015: Madhurima Varughese, India

- Master of Computer and Information Science

- voluntary mentor for new international master students

- neighbourhood services

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DAAD awardee 2014: Erik Adrien Lamb, USA

- Double Degree Master of Politics and Public Administration with the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, focus area International Administration and Conflict Management

- voluntray private lessons for socially disadvantaged children, student club "Tintenklecks"

- voluntary mentor for new international master students