Graduate study programme in law LL.M.

For law students who graduated abroad

If you are enrolled in the graduate programme in law LL.M., you must pay a special tuition fee of 500 euros per semester. This is in addition to the other required fees.

When do I need to pay the tuition fees?

You are

  1. required to pay when you have applied for and got an admission for this study programme and you want to get enrolled or
  2. when you have already been enrolled.

The amount of fees due is determined during the enrolment procedure and applies to the entire length of study.

The first instalment is due within the official enrolment period for the first semester. For the following semesters, you are required to submit payment by the relevant due dates in order to continue your studies (re-registration) regulated in § 12 para. 2 Statute for Matriculation and Enrolment of the University of Konstanz (ZImmO) according to the most current edition. 

Are there exceptions and exemptions for the tuition fees?

  1. An automatic exemption to the obligation to pay tuition fees comes with approved leave of absences.
  2. Furthermore, you will not be required to pay tuition fees when you submit an application
  • with proof that you are responsible for the care and upbringing of a child that has not reached the age of 14 by the beginning of the respective semester you will be studying in.
  • with proof that your studies are difficult to carry out due to a disability identified in the § 2 Neuntes Buch Sozialgesetzbuch (volume 9 of the social insurance code).
  • with proof that you have a giftedness that is far above the average (§ 7 Tuition fees regulations LL.M.).
  • with proof that you are enrolled as an international student and not required to pay tuition due to state, federal or international university agreements.

You must submit all applications for exemption for paying tuition fees before the lecture period begins.

In addition, the best LL.M. graduate is subsequently exempted from the obligation to pay tuition fees for the last two paid semesters on the basis of the final grade, in accordance with the statutes and without application (§ 8 Tuition fees regulations LL.M.).

The University of Konstanz can also exempt the tuition fees when proof of significant financial hardship according to § 21 Landesgebührengesetz (LGebG) (state law on fees) is submitted. If the unreasonable and existence-threatening hardship can be verified according to § 22 Abs. 2 LGebG, then a full or partial tuition fee exemption can be authorized. You can find out more about tuition fee exemptions at the Student Service Centre (SSZ).


Even if you have submitted an application for tuition fee exemption, your obligation to pay remains in place until a decision has been made in regards to your application. That means that if a decision regarding your application has not been reached before the re-registration deadline, you must still submit payment for all tuition fees in time, including the special tuition fees. In the case that your application for exemption is accepted, your tuition fee will be reimbursed to you.

How long do I need to pay the tuition fees?

You must pay the tuition fees as long as you are enrolled at the university. This is required until you have completed the last examination.

When exmatriculating, you can have all or part of your paid tuition fees refunded to you.

Amount of the refund

  • You will receive 500 euros when exmatriculating up to one month after the start of the semester
  • You will receive 400 euros up until 31 May during the summer semester and 30 November during the winter semester
  • You will receive 300 euros up until 30 June during the summer semester and 31 December during the winter semester
  • You will receive 200 euros up until 31 July during the summer semester and 31 January during the winter semester
  • You will receive 100 euros up until 31 August during the summer semester and 28/29 February during the winter semester

When exmatriculating at a later date, you will not receive a refund.