A fair with lots of visitors

Career fairs and career days

Career fairs are a great opportunity to get a feeling for the current job market.

Career fairs are a good opportunity to look around the current job market. You can collect some first-hand information about potential employers, establish direct contact with your desired company and get a feeling for how to behave and interact in a professional environment. At stands and job walls you can inform yourself about open positions. Often there is also a supporting program with lectures and workshops where you can learn from experts in the industry.

For a first overview, we have collected some career fairs for you here which fit the study programs offered by the University of Konstanz.

Tipps für die Karrieremesse


The career fair is not about gathering information. You get in direct contact with potential employers. Good preparation is useful to be remembered positively by company representatives and recruiters.

Which goals do you want to reach?

Would you like to explore the entry possibilities of a specific industry, learn more about a specific company or even apply directly? The clearer the goal of your trade fair visit, the more confident you will appear.

Make a list of all the exhibitors you would like to visit.

In the trade fair catalog or on the trade fair homepage you can find out which companies will be participating in the trade fair before you visit the fair. Inform yourself and think about which stands you definitely want to visit. Collect information about the company in advance (e.g. on the company homepage).

Which questions would you like to ask company representatives?

If you have already thought about what you want to talk about in advance, it will be much easier for you to get into conversation with company representatives.

Get in touch with the company representatives

Even if it may be an unfamiliar situation at first: Stay calm and dare to approach the companies. They are definitely interested in talking to you - after all, they came to the trade fair to talk to you. Show interest and sympathy and get to the point in the discussions.

Keep in touch

If you have entered into further talks with one or more companies, keep in touch.

Did you hand in your documents to a company during the fair? Was it agreed that they would contact you? Give the recruiters some time for this. If you haven't heard anything after two weeks, ask politely.

Or were you asked to send your documents? Then send them within a few days! In your e-mail, make reference to the trade fair and the interview so that your contact person can immediately assign the documents.