Offering childcare for events made easy

Are you organising an event at the University of Konstanz and would like to offer child care for it?

5 steps to offer childcare

  1. Please contact Yunuen Mann via e-mail ( at least six weeks before the start of your event to find out whether child care is available at the time of your event.
  2. Tell us which events you are organising (symposium/meeting/conference) and state the title, location and times.
  3. Name a contact person for queries. This person should forward registrations to us.
  4. Registration for child care is binding two weeks before the start of the event. The children who have registered by this time will be looked after.
  5. Costs: 12 € per hour and child + 30 € organisation fee. An invoice will be sent to you after the event.


Please note that...

- In case of slight symptoms of illness, a negative PCR test must be available, which must not be older than 48 hours.

- We reserve the right to cancel care in the event of signs of illness occurring during care.

- We look after a maximum of six children. If there are more children, we ask you to provide your own carers, e.g. assistants.

- Emergency care cannot work in Switzerland due to the Swiss Posted Workers Act (EntsG). Deployments are only possible in Germany.